The following is a list of services that we can provide:

Design and construct facilities from multi-building facilities to smaller interiors projects. From the programming phase through contract documents. For Contract Administration, see below.

Writes Construction Specifications in CSI 2004 format and earlier.  Experienced in BSD Speclink and MS-Word formats. Projects include 135,000SF facilities to small offices.

Full Service Programming through Contract Documents
Specification Writing
Contract Administration and Project Management
Master Planning
Work with General Contractors and Owner hired Project Managers through completion of construction.  Work with state and local officials during the construction process. Perform post-construction duties and assist with project closeout.  Create budgets (staff and construction)

In coordination with Client and various interview with Clients representatives and User Groups, long term and short term Master Plans Can be developed.

Along with performing this service, I teach Contract Administration. See examples below. 
Examples of CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION Seminar created and presented by Roland Noreika
The  Contract Administration Seminar, approximately length 3 hours, is based upon the rules and guidelines in the AIA A201 document. The Seminar given by Roland Noreika AIA, sets forth any policies and procedures that are required for the Architect to conduct Contract Administration (Construction Adminstration) in a time effective and budgetarily conscious way.

The slides to the left and below are examples of the slides in the seminar and do not constitue the entire slide selection.