United States Department of Agriculture - Eastern Regional Research Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Agricultural Research Service Laboratory Renovation and Mechanical Upgrade.
The project consisted of three areas of renovations and additions:
  • The major area was the complete interior demoltion and fitout of 30,550 square feet of space.  The interior fitout consists of the addition of fifteen laboratory  spaces, five open office/private office suites, men's locker/shower area and new mechanical areas for new HVAC Equipment. The entire region of the facility where the renovation occured also has received installaion of new exterior windows.
  • The next area is the installation of new cooling equipment and new boiler in the Power Plant Building.
  • The last area was the installation of and additional cooling tower adjacent to the exisitng cooling tower.
Typical floor layout with three quadrants for laboratories and one quadrant for offices.
Typical Laboratory - Casework and Fume Hoods laid-out for maximum convenience of users.
Corridors - The floor patters are coded on a floor to floor basis.
New Cooling Tower and protective screen wall.
Photos show examples of work performed by Roland Noreika as an Architect and Project Manager employed by another firm.

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