The project consists of renovation and expansion of the Susquehanna Health Cancer Center, the construction of a healing garden and a new canopy entrance on the north side of the facility.
The total square footage of the project is 42,300 Square Feet at a construction cost of $10.8million
Placed on two distinct floors with Radiation Oncology on the Lower Level and Medical Oncology on the Upper.  Included in the project is the installation of an expanded infusion area with both open and private infusion areas, clinical area, fitout of a new linear accelerator in the existing vault, construction of a new linear accelerator suite, installation of a new HDR vault, a new administrative area with conference rooms and offices. 
The open infusion area faces out onto the healing garden.  
Accomplishments include the successful design of a new linear accelerator installation of a healing garden with the client’s satisfaction realized.  A post construction follow-up revealed that the client was satisfied with the project and would like to use my services in the future when the need arrives.

Photos show examples of work performed by Roland Noreika as an Architect and Project Manager employed by another firm.

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JSUMC - Angiography Procedure Suite

JSUMC - Radiation Oncology Suite
Monmouth Medical Center 
Long Branch, New Jersey
Renovation of an CT Suite and replacement of existing equipment.

Project consisted of demolition in existing suite and intallation of new procedure room and new control room in their entirety with a new 64 slice CT unit. Two new ADA Compliant toilets were installed adjacent to this suite in this project.

Total are of construction is 922 square feet.
Installation of a new Linear Accelerator in an existing vault.  Program includes complete renovation and installation of new shielding (including new vault door), renovation and installation of new CT scan unit, new lobby, waiting room and fitout with new finishes.

Total area of suite and construction is 6,500 square feet.

New Angio suite consisting of a centralized nursing station straddling Prep Holding bays and PACU bays, two new procedure rooms with a shared control room.

Total square footage is 5,200 Square feet and all work complete while surrounding procedure suites were occupied and functional.